Adopt Me! Codes October 2021

Adopt Me! Codes – Many people have asked whether Adopt Me has codes to redeem for free pet. The quick answer is: no. But, we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions below, which explains the sources of confusion surrounding Adopt Me codes seems to originate from.

All Adopt Me Codes List

There aren’t working codes available for Adopt Me at the moment. While Adopt Me codes existed in the past, the possibility to redeem them has been taken out of the game. Below, we have a collection of expiring codes addresses frequently asked questions regarding whether or the Adopt Me codes exist in the 2021 version of the game.

Adopt Me Codes (Expired)

These Adopt Me codes no longer work.

SUMMERBREAK : Redeem code for 70 bucks
SUMMERSALE : Redeem code for 70 bucks
1B1LL1ONV1S1TS : Redeem code for 200 bucks
M0N3YTR33S : Redeem code for 200 bucks
GIFTUNWRAP : Redeem code for 200 bucks
DiscordFTW : Redeem code for 70 bucks
subbethink : Redeem code for 100 bucks
GIFTUNWRAP : Redeem code for 200 bucks
SEAcreatures : Redeem code for a reward

How to Redeem Adopt Me Codes

The previous way to redeem codes within Adopt Me was to click on the Twitter Bird button in the lower right part within the game. That’s where the redemption form was. The text box has been removed.

While it is true that the Twitter Bird button is still present in the game but redemption of codes isn’t available. Instead, clicking on the Twitter Bird option will display this message:

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