Islands Codes November 2021

Islands Codes – Roblox Cursed Islands is far more enjoyable than its name suggests. In the course of rounds, you have to fight for survival in an arena by staying clear of the water. Unexpected events, such as an octopus that is large and eating your island, can cause some islands to be hazardous to live on. It is necessary to attempt to avoid dangers until you’re the last person left.

Active Roblox Cursed Islands codes

SampleCode : Cape and some coins
CHEST : Rubies
Secret : Rare Chest
krakenisland : Rare Chest and 300 Coins
happyholidays : 30 Rubies

How to redeem Roblox Cursed Islands codes

To redeem codes on Roblox Cursed Island, click on the small icon next to the list of players at the upper right corner on the display. An option box for redeeming codes will open where you enter the code, click Redeem, and then take home your reward.

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