Ninja Legends Codes October 2021

Ninja Legends Codes – This Roblox Ninja Legends codes have the most up-to date list of current OP codes you can exchange for coins, chi, or Ninjitsu. It’s an easy and easy method to rack an amount of currency that will allow you to level up quicker and earning upgrade options for your characters.

This is a comprehensive list of the codes currently available along with others you may have missed. Keep checking frequently as we’ll update this page when we have more codes!

Ninja Legends Codes (Working)

You’ll get more Chi depending on the current multiplier you are using, therefore it’s unlikely to be identical to the value shown below.

Auto Train

15 Minutes of Auto-Training : epictrain15
15 Minutes of Auto-Training : roboninja15

Gem Codes

500 Gems : christmasninja500

Chi Codes

Chi Boost : zenmaster15K
50M Chi : innerpeace5k
Chi : skyblades10K
Chi : silentshadows1000
Chi : darkelements2000
Chi : silentshadows1000
Chi : omegasecrets5000
Chi : ultrasecrets10k
750 Chi : elementmaster750
1,000 Chi : secretcrystal1000
750 Chi : skymaster750
??? Chi : legends700m
500 Chi : dojomasters500
750 Chi : dragonlegend750
500 Chi : zenmaster500
500 Chi : epicelements500
500 Chi : goldninja500
500 Chi : goldupdate500
500 Chi : legends500m
500 Chi : senseisanta500
500 Chi : blizzardninja500
500 Chi : mythicalninja500
500 Chi : legendaryninja500
500 Chi : shadowninja500
??? Chi : legends200M
500 Chi : epicflyingninja500
500 Chi : flyingninja500
500 Chi : dragonwarrior500
300 Chi : swiftblade300
250 Chi : DesertNinja250
100 Chi : fastninja100
250 Chi : epicninja250
750 Chi : masterninja750

Soul Codes

20 Souls : sparkninja20
5 Souls : soulhunter5

Ninja Legends Codes (Expired)

These were codes that were once available but were not valid anymore!

15 Minutes of Auto-Training : autotrain15
500 Chi : epicsensei500
100 Coins : launch100

How to Redeem Codes in Ninja Legends

It’s an easy process to redeem your code in Ninja Legends. You must look to the left of your screen to find the large blue CODES button. If you click on it, you’ll be able to open the next screen:

Click on the box which reads “Type Code Here” and enter the code. After you’ve typed it correctly, you’ll have to click Enter. Enter click and your code will be redeemed! You can locate active codes in the following list.

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