Pet Simulator X! Codes October 2021

Pet Simulator X! Codes – Are you looking for the most recent Pet Simulator X codes? The most popular game for collecting companions is about gathering an assortment of feline and feathered friends and helping them grow large and strong. Similar to Adopt Me! or any other well-known animal Roblox games Pet Simulator X starts with the purchase of eggs and taking care of the eggs until they hatch.

After that it, you are able to trade the eggs to other players, or combine them to make new ones. However, buying eggs for new ones and maintaining that continuous number of pets is likely cost you. This is the reason why this Pet Simulator X codes list is available.

There are plenty of free diamonds and coins to enable you to purchase eggs so that you can lay the best of pets. We also have information about where you can possibly get additional Pet Simulator X codes, and ways you can redeem these codes.

All Working Pet Simulator X Codes

anothertriple : Triple coin boost
Underworld : Free diamonds
Clouds : Boost
halfamillion : Free diamonds
plaid1234 : Triple coin boost
big1234 : Triple coin boost
morecodes3 : Ultra lucky boost
Back2Back : Free diamonds
blamedavid : Triple coin boost
SuperUltra1 : Ultra lucky boost
FirstUpdate : Boost

The next code is scheduled to be released at the time the game reaches 700k fans. The latest update for the game is live and it’s a huge one. The next time you login, you can anticipate a new technology world with dark matter pets, the addition of 22 pets 4 new eggs, a brand new Tier for collecting pets, as well as more.

Expired codes:

morecoins4u : Two triple coin boosts
TripleCoins999 : Triple coin boost

What Are Pet Simulator X Codes?

Pet Simulator X codes are giveaways given to players when the game is able to reach an important milestone. It could be a new update to the game’s content or simply an amount of visits. Either the case, it’s a great opportunity to get some great freebies. Make sure to keep checking back to our list of freebies if you don’t want to miss a single.

How Do I Redeem My Pet Simulator X Codes?

To redeem your coupon for redemption in Pet Simulator X, you need to be at or near the basic rank. When you’re there, follow these simple steps:

Open Pet Simulator X
Tap on the plus symbol next to the diamonds marker on the right of the screen
Scroll down until you see the redeem code section and tap on it
Enter your Pet Simulator X code
Tap redeem
Enjoy your rewards!

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