TTD 3 Codes October 2021

TTD 3 Codes – TTD 3 or TikTok Dance 3, is a video game created by Emotes Co for the Roblox experience platform. It’s a dance game where you can play with your friends or make new friends! You can listen to amazing music while having a blast and purchasing new items to your character. We’ve compiled a list with every OP TTD 3 codes you can use to earn no cost in-game rewards such as flags and tokens.

TTD 3 code is a simple and free method to earn tokens which can be used to purchase props, emotes, or costumes for your characters in the game. Codes are released every day, and old codes expire after shorter period. Bookmark this page if you need to be updated with the latest codes and special offers!

All TTD 3 Codes

ALPHAQUEST : Redeem code for 100 Tokens
AHARDRESET : Redeem code for 200 Tokens
HAPPY3M : Redeem code for 300 Tokens
BETHERE : Redeem code for 150 Tokens
#TTD31BIL : Redeem code for 200 Tokens

Expired Codes

SHANTIES : Redeem code for 200 Tokens
CHECKOUTOURMERCH : Redeem code for 200 Tokens
FOLLOWUS : Redeem code for 150 Tokens
FNF : Redeem code for 200 Tokens
INDEPENDENCE : Redeem code for a USA Flag
PRO : Redeem code for 100 Tokens
SUMMER : Redeem code for 100 Tokens
2MILLION : Redeem code for 150 Tokens


How do you redeem codes for TTD 3?

To redeem the codes to redeem TTD 3. Launch the game on your Roblox page. Once you’re inside the game, go to the Shop area , and talk to NPC Prop Shop. Prop Shop NPC. Click on the Twitter button and then enter any code that works in our database. Press redeem to redeem your rewards in-game that could include tokens as well as additional goodies.How to redeem TTD codes? 3?

How can I obtain additional three TTD codes?

To unlock additional codes to TTD 3 you can follow the game’s developers on Twitter. They’ll release new codes every time they update their game or when the game is hit with new milestones. It is also possible to refer to our code list that we update on a daily basis. Bookmark this page and come regularly for updates.

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